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 Tired of feeling run down this cold & flu season? 

Studies have shown that ginger can help you
ease the symptoms.  

Today you can
get your bag of African Ginger Flakes for FREE.

This 60g bag of Ginger Flakes is FREE. All we ask is that you help us cover the UK shipping cost of £2.95.  

What Are Others Already
Saying About
SACO Ginger Flakes?

"Absolutely love love love the ginger flakes. I have drank it as a refreshing drink, used them in my smoothies, stir fries,😋 the uses are endless. Thank you for this refreshing product. You have a customer for life."

Oluwatoyin O.

"The ginger flakes are amazing for helping nausea and they make a delicious ginger tea too. Lucia went above and beyond to deliver our order when it got lost in the post and gave us an extra bag of ginger flakes too! Thank you :)"

Lucie Sheepwash

"Just bought my third pack of ginger flakes and they really are a difference maker for me, totally different from ones we've used before and goes so well in smoothies and porridge."

Garry Lee

"The products are absolutely AMAZING. My favourite is the ginger. I snack on them all day, as well as adding them to fruit teas.
I can't recommend SACO Superfoods enough, especially the ginger."

Andrew Brown

As You Can See...

SACO Ginger Flakes has already helped
hundreds of people improve their health naturally.
The Question is, Are YOU ready to Try it? 

Like I mentioned before, the 60g bag of Ginger Flakes is FREE. WE have already covered its cost and all we ask is that you help us cover the shipping cost of £2.95 and will send it to you today.
If you would also like to try a different product of SACO Superfoods range, no problem! You get this EXTRA BONUS.


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SACO Superfoods are natural and highly nutritious ingredients that we source responsibly in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, to help you improve your health and well being naturally while uplifting the livelihood of small-scale producers. 

Get 10% OFF on Your Order When
You Claim your
FREE Bag of Ginger Flakes!

There Is Not Much time... 

Here's why... 

We only have 50 bags of ginger flakes to give away, and
when they are gone,...
well, they're gone!

So what are you waiting for? Claim your FREE bag of SACO Ginger Flakes, 
(just cover shipping) before they are gone... and  get an
Extra 10% OFF if you decide to add other SACO Superfoods to your cart.

Thank you for taking the time to read this offer and I hope you enjoy SACO Ginger Flakes. 

Franck & Lucia

P.S. Have you skipped to the end of the page and now you don't know what this it's all about?
Here is the deal:

We are sending you a 60g bag of SACO's African Dried Ginger Flakes to help you ease your cold & flu symptoms naturally this winter for FREE.  Yes, the Ginger Flakes bag is FREE, and all you pay is the shipping cost of £2.95.

So, Click the button below to get your FREE  bag now. You won't regret it. 

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