Powered by Plants - Warrington’s First Zero Waste, Plant-Based shop

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

If you have never met Carl and Becky from Powered by Plants, I encourage you to visit their ethical wholefoods shop today! Not only are they the cutest couple ever, but watching them pursue their passion side-by-side is truly inspirational.

Shop Entrance - courtesy image by Powered by Plants

About Powered by Plants

Powered by Plants is a plant-based, wholefoods health food shop in the heart of Warrington.

If you are looking for a place to find all the vegan and natural ingredients you need to support a healthy, balanced, and clean diet, this is the place for you.

They offer over 800 lines of cruelty-free, ethical, and organic products and cater for most dietary requirements, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free.

Products Range - Courtesy image by Powered by Plants

Their range of grocery items varies from fresh fruit and vegetables, fermented foods, legumes grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, rice, pasta, bread, non-dairy milk and yogurts, superfoods, snacks to supplements and sports nutrition, body care products, make-up, and household cleaning products.

They also have an on-site deli counter and a community space where you can sit and relax with a coffee or a smoothie.

Community Space - courtesy image by Powered by Plants

Early this year, they ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign to set up a Zero Waste refill station.The amount of support they received from the local community was incredible.

Unpackaged Area - courtesy image by Powered by Plants

The founders

Carl is a very active individual who played amateur and semi-pro sports all his life and loves the gym.

Over the years, he noticed that despite being always very active he kept gaining weight.

So at age 49, he decided to turn his back on the meat and dairy-based diet and decided to embrace a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

Carl & Becky - courtesy image by Powered by Plants

The result was incredible! He enjoyed steady sleep patterns, got more energy, and showed a clearer skin. His recovery from a hard gym session was also much faster and he lost fat and gained muscle mass.

Becky has been a vegetarian on and off since the age of 18.

The beginning of 2012 was a pivotal moment in her life.

She decided to put her health and wellbeing first, and leave behind her full-time teaching career.

Healthy food choices along with a regular yoga practice and regular exercise became part of her healing journey.

In 2013, she traveled to Kerala, India, trained as a yoga teacher, and became vegan.

The couple had a common goal: health and happiness!

They understood that changing their eating habits was the first step to a better health and a better world.

But they didn’t stop there, they decided to bring change in their own community by opening the first and only plant-based store in Warrington. How cool is that?

Saco Superfoods at the Powered by Plants

Back in August 2019, we were invited by Carl and Becky to showcase SACO superfoods at their monthly ethical mini-market, an initiative they launched to support small producers and local businesses.

Ethical market - courtesy image by Powered by Plants

While I was there, I truly experienced the great sense of community that Carl and Becky had created in the shop.

I saw how much they cared for the customers and how committed they were in supporting small businesses like ourselves.

Having a pop-up shop there, was a great opportunity to meet the customers in Warrington, share our knowledge, sample our products and convince Carl and Becky that SACO Superfoods deserved a little space on the shelves of Powered by Plants.

I’m happy to say that, there wasn't much convincing to do. Many customers were happy with the products, some were already existing customers who were excited to find out that our ginger flakes, hibiscus flower, baobab powder, and organic dried mango were finally stocked at their local shop, plus Carl loved our dried mango, so yes! It was a happy day for us.

Lucia and Becky at Powered by Plants - @saco image

Nine months later, our SACO superfoods are doing very well.

Since March our organic dried mango has become part of Powered by Plants Unpackaged range, so you can finally enjoy your favourite mango without having to worry about wasting packaging.

Support your local business

In this time of crisis, the Powered by Plants team is working very hard to serve their customers safely and they are doing an excellent job.

As most independent local businesses in the country, they also depend very much on the continued support of the local community, so remember to #buylocal as much as you can.

To learn more about Powered by the Plants visit their website and keep an eye on their Facebook page.





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