What is Baobab Chocolate Spread? 


Chosan Baobab Chocolate Spread is a tasty, chocolatey spread made with baobab, cocoa powder and sweetened with raw cane sugar .



The spread is produced by our lovely friend Eliza, Founder of Chosan Jams, who is originally from the Gambia.


What are the health benefits of Baobab? 


The Baobab Fruit Powder is extremely rich in Vitamin C, prebiotic fibre, antioxidants, vitamin A, B6, Fibre, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.


It also has antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties (1)


It is commonly used to: 


  • Boost the immune system 

  • Reduce blood sugar levels 

  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue.

  • Regulate the digestive system and support gut health

  • Cleanse the liver 


Why Chosan  Baobab Chocolate Spread? 


100% natural - The ingredients  used to make Chosan  Baobab Chocolate Spread are simple and natural: baobab, cocoa powder and raw cane sugar.


100% ethically sourced - Chosan's mission is to support African food producers in the Gambia by helping them transform their fresh produce into food with a longer shelf life, such as jams. We are very proud to stock their jams and spread. 


Gluten Free and suitable for Vegan  - Chosan  Baobab Chocolate Spread is Vegan friendly, Vegetarian friendly, Gluten-Free and No Artificial Colors.


How do I use the Baobab Chocolate Spread? 


You can spread your Chosan Baobab Chocolate Spread on:

  •  toast 

  • Crumpets

  • Bagels

  • Crackers


You can also use it in your pies or as a topping for your porridge and ice cream. 


Baobab Chocolate Spread - 190g

  • Available in 190g jar


    Ingredients:  cocoa powder, baobab powder, water, raw cane sugar 


    Health benefits: naturally rich in vitamin C, potassium and calcium.

    Gluten-Free and Vegan. Suitable for the whole family.


    How to use: enjoy on toast, crumpets, bagels, crackers, porridge, ice cream. 







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