Calyx Gift Set is a case of 4 Mixed drink flavours.


 You can choose between: 




White Grape, Hibiscus Flower and warming spices natural still drink. Set your soul on fire with Calyx Zobo! Our authentic West African fruit and flower-fueled recipe is made using traditional methods and blends delicious white grape with hibiscus flower and four ferociously fiery natural spices. Made with Nutralight natural sweetener.




Apple and Camomile natural still drink with warming botanicals. Escape and unwind with Calyx Calm, stress relieving, a sugar-free blend of soul-soothing camomile, apple and (heart) warming botanicals. Made with Nutralight organic stevia – a natural sweetener.




Apple, Hibiscus Flower and ginger natural still drink Quench your thirst for adventure, with the thrilling taste of Calyx Wild, our original fruit and flower drink. A delicious and intriguingly moreish, beautifully balanced blend of red hibiscus flower,  apple and ginger.




A beautifully balanced blend of red hibiscus flower, pineapple and lemon. Your natural no added sugar, flower-powered health boost. Made with stevia pure.




Strawberry, Lavender Flower and cinnamon natural still drink. Put some colour in your cheeks with Calyx Blush. A luscious and uplifting medley of culinary lavender flower and delicious natural strawberry, with a refreshing twist of lemon juice and warm cinnamon spice.

Calyx Healthy Drinks Gift Set

Drink 1
Drink 2
Drink 3
Drink 4
  • Case of 4 Mixed Flavours

    Select Flavour options: Zobo, Shine, Blush, Wild, Calm

    100% natural; real dried camomile flowers used in a craft brewing process

    Vegan-friendly, Vegetarian- friendly, Gluten-Free, No Artificial Colors, No preservatives

    How to use: serve chilled or use as a mixer in mocktails and cocktails, or with rum, gin  or vodka

    How to use: serve chilled or use a mixer of mocktails and cocktails





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