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A Trip to a Cocoa Farm in Côte d'Ivoire

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Recent studies have revealed that since the pandemic, the frequency of our snacking during the day has increased.

However, as consumers, not only do we choose healthier and more indulgent treats like premium chocolates, we also want to know where our favourite treats come from.

As many of you know, ethically sourcing natural and traceable ingredients directly from small-scale producers in the Ivory Coast is at the core of SACO Superfoods’ values and beliefs.

We visit our producers on a regular basis and, this time, we have captured our trip to the cocoa farm in Côte d'Ivoire.

In this video, we share with you the stories of the people involved in the process - from the farm owner who is fighting the negative stigma of child labour inflicted on cocoa farming in the Ivory Coast, by paying workers a fair wage and deducting school fees directly from the parent’s salary to send children to school, to the story of a young and ambitious chocolate maker, whose mission is to empower Ivorian women by teaching them how to transform cocoa beans in delicious chocolate.

I almost forgot to mention that, the same day I arrived at the cooperative centre COOpabel to visit the women producers that are working with Axel from Le chocolatier Ivoirien, a team of local journalists commissioned by Al Jazeera was making a documentary about their incredible work and they offered to interview me, so towards the end of the video you will also see a few seconds of the interview.

Happy watching.

A massive thank you to the ladies from the COOpabel, to Axel Emmanuel from Le Chocolatier Ivoirien to my mentors Dr. Jean-Marc Anga and Serge Doh (my cousin) for your time and wisdom.

Selection of The Chocolatier Ivorien chocolate bars - image of saco superfoods
Selection of The Chocolatier Ivorien chocolate bars - image of saco superfoods


A selection of Les Chocolatier Ivoirien chocolate bars is available in our health shop in Salford and on our website.

The Chocolatier Ivorien products showcased in the shop
The Chocolatier Ivorien products showcased in the shop

You will also find other cocoa products, ie: 100% pure and unsweetened cocoa powder, and the delicious "Le Croustille", which is simply the whole cocoa bean roasted and coated in cocoa powder.

If you want to learn more about "The Chocolatier Ivorien" Chocolate Bars feel free to get in touch and if you happen to be in Manchester or Salford, stop by at the shop to try some free samples.

To order "The Chocolatier Ivorien" products click here.

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