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Ginger Root can help you Detox!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Have you ever considered helping your body detox but never knew how to go about it? Or maybe you already are an experienced “detoxer” and you are just looking for the latest updates? Either way, we will show you a new way of detoxing with our Natural Ginger Flakes.


The benefits of ginger as a detoxifying herb are endless. The root is rich in therapeutic properties that do wonders in our body and, thanks to its powerful compounds, it is commonly recommended in detox diets and cleansing programs.

Many studies have proven that ginger is not only one of the best detoxifying herbs, but it also offers anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, and antioxidant solution to our health. The rhizome is the healing portion that makes the ginger so powerful. It contains two active ingredients called gingerol and shogaol which are responsible for detoxifying and healing our body by providing anti-inflammatory effects on the gastrointestinal system when taken.

Following a detox diet on a regular basis is important because it enhances and speeds up the natural cleansing process of the body, preparing it to build strong defenses against disease and illness. Ginger has the capability to cleanse the body system by stimulating circulation, digestion, and sweating. Its digestive aiding actions help us wash out all the wastes that are built up in the liver, in the colon, and in other organs of our body. It also helps in relieving stomach discomforts - bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.

Numerous studies have proven that dried ginger contains a higher level of gingerol than fresh ginger and can, therefore, be used with confidence as a great alternative or complementary product to the latter. Mind you, not all dry ginger available on the market offer the same therapeutic properties. That’s simply because they are highly processed and are full of artificial flavorings. Here at SACO Trading Ltd, we are very proud of our Natural Ginger Flakes because it’s 100% natural, 100% artisan and no flavoring or preservatives are added.

Incorporating the Natural Ginger Flakes into your detox program it’s easy! Why don’t you try our Ginger Water Recipe? It’s a recipe that combines the nutritional and medicinal values of three extremely powerful superfoods:

  • 1- Ginger

  • 2- Lemon

  • 3- Cucumber


  • A fruity infuser water bottle

  • ½ lemon

  • ½ cucumber

  • 1 tsp of Natural Ginger Flakes

  • 500 ml of filtered water


  • 1- Wash the cucumber and lemon very carefully

  • 2- Place them into the fruit infuser

  • 3- Add the Natural Ginger Flakes

  • 4- Pour the water and close the bottle

  • 5- Let the infused water rest for at least an hour - overnight would be even better

  • 6- Enjoy!

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SACO Ginger Flakes

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