Baobab Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are a family favourite in our home. Our kids enjoy making them and eating them for sure.

One thing I love about this simple recipe is its versatility. You can easily adapt it to your healthy lifestyle by adding whatever you fancy to the mix or by switching the traditional ingredients with healthier options.

For example, would you rather have a vegan pancake? Remove the eggs from the recipe and swap the dairy milk with a plant-based one to get a delicious and lighter pancake.

Another idea is blending a teaspoon of baobab powder to your mix. Not only it will add a lovely fruity flavour to your pancake, it is also a great way to pack them with Vitamin C, Calcium and fibre.

Let’s see how you can turn this family staple into a healthy and nutritious meal for the whole family to enjoy.


· 1tsp SACO Baobab Powder · 100g plain flour

· 2 eggs

· ½ tsp Vanilla extract

· 300ml semi-skimmed milk

· 1 tbsp sunflower oil, plus extra for frying

· pinch salt


1. Add all the ingredients and just 50ml of milk of the 300ml into a bowl

2. Whisk until you have a smooth thick paste

3. Add the remaining milk while whisking to loosen the batter

4. Wipe the pan with oil and heat it to medium heat

5. Ladle some batter in the pan and spread the mixture in a circle

6. Let cook for about 30 seconds and flip on other side

7. Stack onto a plate and serve them with maple syrup, lemon & sugar, or banana

If you are interested in our Vegan pancake recipe, click here.

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