SACO Ginger Flakes and the Green Future Box

Last January, Jon, the cofounder of Green Future Box, stopped by our stall at the Nantwich Vegan Fair. He tried our superfoods and loved the ginger flakes; so much in fact that he decided to include them in his boxes this month.

Green Future Box - courtesy image of Green Future Box
Green Future Box - courtesy image of Green Future Box

About Green Future Box

Green Future Box is a monthly subscription box designed to help you lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Every month, they surprise you with a new selection of plastic-free alternatives to your daily use products.

Each item is carefully chosen - if it’s not environmentally friendly, fairtrade, organic or sustainable, it’s not getting in the box.

Open box
Open box - courtesy image of Green Future Box

The fun part is that you get to discover and enjoy products you never knew existed.

Each month, they choose a unique theme and make it more interesting for you to stock up on completely recyclable and sustainable supplies at the best possible value.

The boxes are sent to you at the end of each month and you can also arrange to have them sent to your loved ones as a gift.

You can choose to pre-pay your boxes and UK postage is free.

How it all started?

Jon loves the outdoors and spends most of his free time walking in the countryside.

Jon - courtesy image of Green Future Box

His co-founder is the mum of a 3-year-old little girl.

They both share a passion for the environment and found themselves having long conversations about it and watching programs about the issues of plastic in the oceans, chemicals on food, increased methane products from cattle farming.

Their concern led them to make small changes in their own lives.

Jon, for example, started using glass jars to take lunch to work instead of buying pre-made food in plastic packaging.

However, when they tried to make further changes, such as replacing day to day items with alternatives that are better for the environment, they realised it wasn’t that easy.

More often than not, the eco-friendly options were harder to find and way more expensive.

Jon noticed on social media that many people shared his frustration.