SACO Superfoods in Bridge Wellness Gardens’ Veg boxes

Last month, Franck and I had the greatest pleasure of meeting the chairman of Bridge Community Wellness Gardens, Francis Ball, an amazing gentleman with a big heart. SACO superfoods are now available in their veg box and we couldn’t be happier.

About Bridge Wellness Gardens

Bridge Wellness Gardens is a charity based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Francis, Clair and their team of staff, volunteers, donors and fundraisers have been working very hard since 2015 to provide a therapeutic and caring environment for those with lifelong learning disabilities and mental health issues.

Bridge Wellness Gardens Team
Bridge Wellness Gardens Team

They also offer training and life skills to children and young people struggling to thrive in a standard academic environment within their outdoor study facilities and provide ongoing guidance, support and work experience to those who are currently unemployed.

How are they helping?

One of the main initiatives run by the Bridge Wellness Gardens team is growing amazing fruits and vegetables in the Community Farm - from delicious mixed salad, to baby spinach, strawberries and glorious rhubarb.

The farm offers incredible opportunities to young adults like Harry, Chris and Ryan to transform their lives and gain self-esteem.

All the produce is then sold in their Farm Shop, at local markets and other events to raise funds.

The Better Lives Centre

One of their greatest achievements was the official opening of The Better Lives Centre in November 2018. The centre has a fully equipped Kitchen and Café where lovely refreshments and small meals are prepared and served using fruits and vegetables produced in the farm.

The Veg Box Scheme

The Bridge Wellness Gardens and Farm also receive supports from the many customers who have signed up for the Veg Box Scheme. Every Tuesday they get a box full of delicious seasonal fruit & Veg delivered at their door steps.