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SACO Feel Good Boutique is Finally Open!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

After traveling across the country and showcasing SACO Superfoods at different events, we have decided to put down roots in Salford. This is a new chapter for the SACO family, and Franck and I cannot thank you enough for all the great support and love you have shown us.

 The intention of opening a SACO Superfood shop was to recreate a "boutique vibe" in a unique and engaging environment to enhance the experience of our customers.

The space was also an opportunity for us to showcase our African heritage with the decor.

Mama Africa - art piece created by French /Senegalese artist Baro Sarré
Mama Africa - art piece created by French /Senegalese artist Baro Sarré

We are pleased to say that the local community has welcomed us with open arms.

It's lovely to see how more people are becoming health conscious and are learning to appreciate natural and healthy products.

In the shop, apart from the range of SACO Superfoods, we have also partnered with other companies that have an ethos and mission similar to ours, ie: adding value to 100% premium natural products with health benefits, while empowering small-scale women producers in Africa and using eco-friendly packaging.

Some of our new partners are:

Chosan Jams - they produce a collection of artisan jams made with baobab and other delicious fruits while supporting small-scale farmers from the Gambia.

Akoma skincare - ethically sources fair trade shea butter from Ghana to produce an amazing range of skincare products.

Calyx Drinks - offers a range of Nigerian inspired healthy drinks made with flowers, fruits, and spices.

Axel Emmanuel Chocolatier - ethically sources fair trade cocoa beans to produce his range of dark chocolate bars and cocoa products.

We opened on the 11th of July with social distancing measures in place such as limiting the number of customers, offering hand sanitizers at the entrance, and wearing masks and gloves when interacting with customers.

If you are in Manchester and want to stop by to say hi, you will find us in

294 Bury New Road, Broughton, Salford, M7 2YJ.

Opening hours Tuesday - Saturday from 10-6pm; Sunday 12-4pm; Monday closed.

Once again, Franck and I cannot thank you enough for all the support and lovely messages.

We hope to continue seeing many of you in the shop. For those of you who are physically far, fear not! Our online shop is will keep being at your service, so keep ordering...


Damien Daniels
Damien Daniels
Sep 21, 2021

Greeat blog

Sep 21, 2021
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Thank you so much x

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